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Erie Pennsylvania Needs Love
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A community for sharing everything and anything you can think of about Erie-- Share your stories, your favorite restaurants/Dinors, favorite festivals and activities, favorite local bands and favorite memories of the Erie of the past!

A community to post photographs, art pieces, favorite artists, or expose your OWN creative talents, share new bands, and anything art-oriented.

A community to converse about real problems and real insight into fixing them, pollution issues, politics, job problems, run-down neighborhoods, and real concerns about the city's welfare and progress in this ever-desperate time.

This is where real Erieites can talk about their own personal opinions about Erie, no matter what the subject. The emphasis is put on personal experience. Although I never encourage being TOO personal; please use caution with your photographs or names/addresses as this is still a public website and I would hate for any complications to arise due to internet-exposure. You can always set something to private.

Most of all, I want this group to mean something, just like how Erie means something to me. It's where I was born. It's where I grew up. It's where my friends and family are. It's where I've had some of the greatest experiences of my life. It's my home and it's the greatest place on earth.

So step on up and share your stories! Keep Erie alive, keep Erie vibrant, keep Erie weird!!

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