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Love Erie

Give Erie some love!

The Lowdown

Love Erie

Erie was first settled by the French, who built Fort Presque Isle in 1753, as part of their effort to garrison New France against the encroaching English. Presque Isle means "almost an island" in French. The fort was surrendered to the British, along with the rest of New France, at the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763.

The City of Erie was part of the Erie Triangle that was claimed by the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut (as part of its Western Reserve), and Massachusetts. It officially became part of Pennsylvania in 1792, after all four states renounced their claims and the federal government sold the area to Pennsylvania. The city was founded in 1795.

During the War of 1812, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry built his fleet that successfully fought the British in the historic Battle of Lake Erie.



March 16th, 2010

Any Places Hiring?

blue clearing
Hi fellow Erieites!

Any one know of any places hiring for the summer? I won't be returning from school until May, but I'd love to start applying online. Any leads are appreciated!

Enjoy the weather :)

November 17th, 2009


Well isn't this a sad place? It's really difficult to keep up with all the happenings back in Erie, so I can't do it by myself. Somehow, I think, it's probably fruitless to try anymore. Not very many people have joined, and barely anyone even helps contribute. The other kind of plain looking Erie LJ Community had a lot of traffic and participants. Dunno how they did it.

Anyway. This place is pretty dead.

November 12th, 2008

I'm back?

Holy crap in a box, this hasn't been updated for a million years or something. And so much has happened... and is happening. Let's see if I can dig up some photos to recap. Let's see...

Things I've done since June 2007...Collapse )

Also, in posting these pictures to the many events that took place in 2007-2008... I've decided it's also worth-while to post the upcoming dates for even out-of-state things (like the Cleveland Airshow or Great Lakes Medieval Faire, or even Thompson events...) I will also upload photographs and my experiences/opinions from the things I will attend in the future. I know this wasn't much into the insight of the immense amount of stuff that happened during the better part of 2008 (mostly summer) but I will have some other people in the future posting and moderating this thing to help with that. I have a lot of friends with a lot of interesting opinions and I think this would be a good place for them, if we can get more members.

Things to talk about in the future:
Dinor Quest (Friends' personal project.)
Erie Festivals/Events
Local Concerts
The local music scene
Local art and artists
Important sites
Interesting discoveries/photographs
Summer activities
Local sports
Erie nature
Erie history and archetecture
Erie weirdness
What to do when you're "bored"

...pretty much everything that my friends discuss with each other on our nightly walks and adventures through the town.

I should have something written up in the near future and posted. Hopefully it will spur interest. If anyone has anything interesting to report, you should become a member and post it here within the thread, and let everyone know. :)

I don't want this just to be about the upcoming events in Erie. I want it to be ABOUT Erie, from the citizens' point of view. Our experiences. Our opinions. I want substance and insight. I want people to understand why Erie is great... and why I personally find it the best place on earth. (I'll tell you one thing: it's got a lot to do with the people I know and the people I meet. Just wait until we start telling you about the random people we talk to on the streets. It's pretty awesome.)

So until next time...

*waits eagerly for Thanksgiving and my birthday!!*

June 7th, 2007

Liberty Park 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Free EMTA shuttle on Bayfront route.

July 10 - Big Leg Emma, Yankee Zydeco Company, Tiger Maple String Band

July 17 - Ana Popovic

July 24 - Devon Allman's Honeytribe

July 31 - Dave Stevens Big Band

August 7 - PovertyNeck Hillbillies

August 14 - Jakes Blues

August 21 - Tab Benoit

August 28 - Big Brother and The Holding Co.

NEW RULE: Anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a wristband or be denied entrance to the concerts.

The Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority will be distributing wristbands to area high schools for kids who want to attend the concert series at the Liberty Park Amphitheater without an adult or guardian.

To receive a wristband, which is free, students must sign a pledge to behave.

The wristband and pledge were part of a compromise worked out several months ago between the authority and area teens amending an authority policy that required anyone younger than 18 to attend with a parent or guardian.

Authority members said they needed to set the policy because unruly crowds of youths were ruining the family atmosphere.

(Honestly, I dont know why the Port Authority just didn't enforce the rules in the first place. I mean, are they lazy or what! Kick these kids into submission!)

So--who's going, other than my friends and I?
Just a quick post to let you all know that there is a replica of the Nina currently docked at Dobbins' Landing. It was built entirely by hand, without the use of power tools, and is exact right down to the flags and the designs on the sails.

Tours are $5.00 for adults, $4.00 for seniors, and $3.00 for students aged five to eighteen. I personally didn't take a tour, but from what I saw they're probably not very long, as the ship herself is pretty small.

The Nina will be here until Monday, June 11th.

A Few PhotosCollapse )

May 24th, 2007

Waldameer opened! 8 Great Tuesdays coming up soon! Everything is opening for the summer!

What's everyone doing for their summer?

March 22nd, 2007

I recently found out that Erie has an SCA Medieval Reenactment group of their own!

Though, their website is down due to being under construction but I'll post it as soon as they get it back up. In the mean time, to see the "Kingdom" they belong to, click here. (Click on Groups and scroll down to Region 2 - Western PA to find where the Shire of Stormsport's web-link should be.)

The Shire has activities that take place indoors at the Erie Day School, 1372 West 6th street near Frontier Park, the latest being "The Spring Bears" event on March 24th; this Saturday, from 9AM to 9PM. It's $12 at the door for non-members and $9 for members, plus a $6 charge for whenever there is a feast (they will let you know when, via email if you so wish it, but I imagine they must hand out newsletters while you're there, as well.)

For more information, click here.

(Some of the information at that website is wrong, what I have provided above is the correct information; the Castellan of the Shire (Maximilian) contacted me, (as well as several others,) with the above information.)

You may contact the Castellan, Maximilian, at BPetsch@aol.com

He emailed us a little too late for this event but at least I know the basics: there is an entry fee for the events, you must pay extra to get a seat for the feast, you must bring your own table-wear for said feast (utensils, plates... and candles, as he told me...) and you must wear Medieval garb to every event (remember, they try to preserve the Middle Ages as much as possible, they ARE a reenactment group...) There is "loner clothing" that you can ask for at the door--it's free but you have to give it back before you leave.

He mentioned this event is mostly a heavy-weapons fighting event, (sounds like an awesome show to me!) with other activities planned as well. As much as I'd love to waste a day there, I can't due to my own personal complications... (I'm unemployed and broke.)

For every event there are different activities. I contacted another of the groups' main members and was told they were holding Fighting Practice, Sewing Circle, Armouring, Equestrian Practice, Calligraphy and Dance Practice, among other things, pretty regularly.

In case you don't know what some of these things are, click here, and refer to this website whenever need be.

I attend the Great Lakes Medieval Faire at least once a year and I have proper clothing and a great interest in that time period, so I plan on becoming a full-fledged member. I think it's a great way to know your history, as well as another fun thing in which to participate in Erie.

February 8th, 2007

Been a while!

I'd love to keep up this LJ. And maybe I'll start to a little more often. The only way I'm going to be able to do it is to construct an internet schedule, and figure out things to post on here.

I know I get Inside Erie news in my e-mail. Maybe I could post that every time I get it, giving credit to the website.

Also: I think it'd be easier for Erie-ites to meet other Erie-ites if we all use similar interests. I found that I basically created a lot of new and unused interests in this community's interest section. Go ahead and copy-paste some of those into your interests; they're bound to only be used by us, anyway, hahaha...

...things like "dinor" and "brig niagra" and "wsee 35" or maybe the other local news stations, you know?

Speaking of WSEE, which local news station is your personal fave? 12 seems to be the favorite of my family but 24 is mine.

I remember a year or two ago when all those tornadoes and wind storms were popping up all over the area, and the only station that was sweating and passing on information as they get it (and it sounded like they were the first to get it; the staff was having conversations in front of live TV!) was 24 and the others seemed like they were just sitting around waiting for the information to pass to them next. Especially FOX.


Is it bad that more and more often I'm finding children's shows interesting? I'm turning 20 this fall. Lazy Town (NickJr) and It's a Big Big World (PBS Kids) are my favorites. There have been fantastic developments in the ways of puppetry--CG and wonderful detail. I love it! :D

January 31st, 2007


I guess Erie is getting pretty hard, now. Looks a little bit more normal for winter, haha. This weather is keeping me indoors longer than I ever imagined! I really wish I could get a group together so we could go sledding at Frontier. In any case, it's not ruining anything for me except for not letting me be free... It's sunny today so I might finally leave the house! :D

How's everyone else handling it?

January 3rd, 2007


No snow for Winter. No snow for Christmas. No snow for New Years. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! This isn't Erie anymore. I want my horrible weather back.

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