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Love Erie

The Shire of Stormsport

The Lowdown

Love Erie

Erie was first settled by the French, who built Fort Presque Isle in 1753, as part of their effort to garrison New France against the encroaching English. Presque Isle means "almost an island" in French. The fort was surrendered to the British, along with the rest of New France, at the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763.

The City of Erie was part of the Erie Triangle that was claimed by the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut (as part of its Western Reserve), and Massachusetts. It officially became part of Pennsylvania in 1792, after all four states renounced their claims and the federal government sold the area to Pennsylvania. The city was founded in 1795.

During the War of 1812, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry built his fleet that successfully fought the British in the historic Battle of Lake Erie.

The Shire of Stormsport

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I recently found out that Erie has an SCA Medieval Reenactment group of their own!

Though, their website is down due to being under construction but I'll post it as soon as they get it back up. In the mean time, to see the "Kingdom" they belong to, click here. (Click on Groups and scroll down to Region 2 - Western PA to find where the Shire of Stormsport's web-link should be.)

The Shire has activities that take place indoors at the Erie Day School, 1372 West 6th street near Frontier Park, the latest being "The Spring Bears" event on March 24th; this Saturday, from 9AM to 9PM. It's $12 at the door for non-members and $9 for members, plus a $6 charge for whenever there is a feast (they will let you know when, via email if you so wish it, but I imagine they must hand out newsletters while you're there, as well.)

For more information, click here.

(Some of the information at that website is wrong, what I have provided above is the correct information; the Castellan of the Shire (Maximilian) contacted me, (as well as several others,) with the above information.)

You may contact the Castellan, Maximilian, at BPetsch@aol.com

He emailed us a little too late for this event but at least I know the basics: there is an entry fee for the events, you must pay extra to get a seat for the feast, you must bring your own table-wear for said feast (utensils, plates... and candles, as he told me...) and you must wear Medieval garb to every event (remember, they try to preserve the Middle Ages as much as possible, they ARE a reenactment group...) There is "loner clothing" that you can ask for at the door--it's free but you have to give it back before you leave.

He mentioned this event is mostly a heavy-weapons fighting event, (sounds like an awesome show to me!) with other activities planned as well. As much as I'd love to waste a day there, I can't due to my own personal complications... (I'm unemployed and broke.)

For every event there are different activities. I contacted another of the groups' main members and was told they were holding Fighting Practice, Sewing Circle, Armouring, Equestrian Practice, Calligraphy and Dance Practice, among other things, pretty regularly.

In case you don't know what some of these things are, click here, and refer to this website whenever need be.

I attend the Great Lakes Medieval Faire at least once a year and I have proper clothing and a great interest in that time period, so I plan on becoming a full-fledged member. I think it's a great way to know your history, as well as another fun thing in which to participate in Erie.
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