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Love Erie

I'm back?

The Lowdown

Love Erie

Erie was first settled by the French, who built Fort Presque Isle in 1753, as part of their effort to garrison New France against the encroaching English. Presque Isle means "almost an island" in French. The fort was surrendered to the British, along with the rest of New France, at the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763.

The City of Erie was part of the Erie Triangle that was claimed by the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut (as part of its Western Reserve), and Massachusetts. It officially became part of Pennsylvania in 1792, after all four states renounced their claims and the federal government sold the area to Pennsylvania. The city was founded in 1795.

During the War of 1812, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry built his fleet that successfully fought the British in the historic Battle of Lake Erie.

I'm back?

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Holy crap in a box, this hasn't been updated for a million years or something. And so much has happened... and is happening. Let's see if I can dig up some photos to recap. Let's see...

Click on links for available photos!

- Attended the SmackDown! house show in May 07.
- Waldameer Ride Operator, summer 2007.
- Random Mall-ratting.
- Attended the Great Lakes Medieval Faire 2007.
- Attended the Eight Great Tuesdays 2007.
- Visited a tiny pop machine.
- Visited several out-of-town cemeteries.
- Probably more Mall-ratting.
- Began attending college at Edinboro University of PA, Fall 2007/Spring 2008.
- Went Trick-or-Treating, October 2007.
- Attended the Cleveland Airshow 2007.
- Wandered the city aimlessly.
- Got snowed-in.
- Went exploring.
- Played D&D at Glenwood Park.
- Attended Celebrate Erie 2008.
- Attended the Eight Great Tuesdays 2008.
- More Mall-ratting.
- Went exploring.
- Went to the beach.
- Saw a million great movies at the theater.
- Played Super-Ball at the Millcreek Mall.
- Spent an evening at Thompson Drag Raceway, Labor Day Weekend, 2008.
- Attended the Cleveland Airshow 2008.
- Went to more cemeteries.
- Returned to college, 08-09.

Also, in posting these pictures to the many events that took place in 2007-2008... I've decided it's also worth-while to post the upcoming dates for even out-of-state things (like the Cleveland Airshow or Great Lakes Medieval Faire, or even Thompson events...) I will also upload photographs and my experiences/opinions from the things I will attend in the future. I know this wasn't much into the insight of the immense amount of stuff that happened during the better part of 2008 (mostly summer) but I will have some other people in the future posting and moderating this thing to help with that. I have a lot of friends with a lot of interesting opinions and I think this would be a good place for them, if we can get more members.

Things to talk about in the future:
Dinor Quest (Friends' personal project.)
Erie Festivals/Events
Local Concerts
The local music scene
Local art and artists
Important sites
Interesting discoveries/photographs
Summer activities
Local sports
Erie nature
Erie history and archetecture
Erie weirdness
What to do when you're "bored"

...pretty much everything that my friends discuss with each other on our nightly walks and adventures through the town.

I should have something written up in the near future and posted. Hopefully it will spur interest. If anyone has anything interesting to report, you should become a member and post it here within the thread, and let everyone know. :)

I don't want this just to be about the upcoming events in Erie. I want it to be ABOUT Erie, from the citizens' point of view. Our experiences. Our opinions. I want substance and insight. I want people to understand why Erie is great... and why I personally find it the best place on earth. (I'll tell you one thing: it's got a lot to do with the people I know and the people I meet. Just wait until we start telling you about the random people we talk to on the streets. It's pretty awesome.)

So until next time...

*waits eagerly for Thanksgiving and my birthday!!*
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