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Love Erie

Give Erie some love!

The Lowdown

Love Erie

Erie was first settled by the French, who built Fort Presque Isle in 1753, as part of their effort to garrison New France against the encroaching English. Presque Isle means "almost an island" in French. The fort was surrendered to the British, along with the rest of New France, at the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763.

The City of Erie was part of the Erie Triangle that was claimed by the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut (as part of its Western Reserve), and Massachusetts. It officially became part of Pennsylvania in 1792, after all four states renounced their claims and the federal government sold the area to Pennsylvania. The city was founded in 1795.

During the War of 1812, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry built his fleet that successfully fought the British in the historic Battle of Lake Erie.



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December 6th, 2006

Zoo or Golf?

paper has been printing letters for weeks about people who say its better to sell off the Erie Golf course then shut down the Zoo for the winter. and i actually agree...
how does a plot of land with holes you hit little white balls into given more funding then a place that attracts family and has animals that NEED to be taken care of?

plus i believe there more courses outside of Erie that are just as good. people cant be that lazy to commute.

the paper is requesting calls, letters, or messages for how much they love Erie ^_^ hee hee silly. though seriously its a cute idea.

December 4th, 2006

Well, I might as well say hi, and maybe others can start posting more too.

I'm Michele, and The Mate and I moved here in 2003 with his three sons. We moved from New York City (but I'm originally from South Dakota), and part of the reason we moved here is the snow. So of course, it hasn't been snowing much this year. But, enough for the dogs to have a romp earlier today.

Speaking of dogs, is there a dog park in Erie? Someone told me there was, but I have no idea where to look. I just can't run fast enough to keep up with the pups, I'm not that fast. Anyway, there's my question of the week.

Let's see, The Mate is disabled, and I'm his in home care attendant, so we don't get out that much. We try to hit up the buffets once a month if we can, and a couple times a year we hit the dollar theater and catch a movie. His oldest works, his youngest goes to school, and we stay home for the most part. Haven't made too many friends, but the ones we have are pretty neat. We go to church over in LilyDale, and only make it there every few weeks.

So, I don't know much about Erie, but I'm learning bit by bit.

December 3rd, 2006

(no subject)

While I was back in Erie during Thanksgiving it just seemed so desolate and small. It was nothing like Columbus and I wonder if I'll ever be comfortable in Erie again. The point is, you can't get lost. And that's what I love. Being able to get lost and being able to know that I can go to the mall and not see anyone I know if I felt like it.

November 23rd, 2006


typed in Erie on the interest on the searchbar for fun and this popped up so i wanted to add it to my communities post.

24 f black american

Happy Thanksgiving or whatever you prefer to call it.
i was thinking about riding to the library to see more about ghost stories in Erie and such. the weather is weird enough but its something i am use to HA!

one of the dislikes i am having with Erie is how places that have history are being torn down. There was a large house that was demolished for a "parking lot" T_T the Brewers building was neat to look at as i rode on my bike, now thats gone and its just a big hole in the ground. Even though there was a donation to keep the building as a Historical relic! i hear its being turned into a Hospital of some sort, so thats good, i dont want something that was just fine standing the way it was to go unused because some ppl didnt like that it was old.

its a real shame. Erie has a lot of history and its being covered up to bring in tourist with casinos and shiny hotels we dont need.

one of the things i like to goof on is- you cant really get lost in Erie...all you have to do is walk straight and you'll end up somewhere familiar! lol you either end up out in cow county or near the water.

BUT i love Erie...its weird.

November 10th, 2006

You know, I dont have to be updating this all the time. If anyone ever has anything to say about Erie or any Erie Events, just Post-To and go crazy with it. Because, usually, I'm either too busy or sleeping.


July 22nd, 2006

This happened July 8, so it was a while ago.

I got to go to Waldameer for the first time in two years or so with my two friends Jon and Chris. It was a grand day.

We kept commenting on how Waldameer should never change--or at least older parts. I kept reminiscing on how the OLD recording for The Dodge'ems always filled me with joy--because they apparently updated the recording.

It said something at the end like, "And no head-on collisions; remember, this is the Dodge'ems--and the object is to dodge everyone!" ON A BUMPER CARS?!?!?!

At least the recording for the Whacky Shack is still the same as it always has been. That makes me a happy lil goblin.

There's apparently a new ride coming to the park. A whoa-belly; one of those towers that takes you up and drops you. But it isn't here. What IS here is what I can only describe as the newest-looking carni-ride EVAR. It's a stand-in for the soon-to-be ride.

And after years of its running existence in the park, I've finally had the chance to sample what the Steel Dragon has to offer. Not much.

ANYWAY, I didn't get to go on the Wipeout this time around; it's the ride I only go on with either Liza or my Dad because everyone else is too much of a wussie to handle the stomach-churning ups and downs, or the neck-breaking spin at the end.

I also didn't get to go on the Spider. I love that ride. Didn't go because I was too full.

I was also too sick from going on the Tilt-a-Whirl, or as Chris's mom has come to calling it, the "Tilt-a-Hurl". And it IS a very nausiating ride, IF you can get it to spin. If you do, damn, you feel G's, swear to the Gods.

For anyone looking for a good time, call 86--NO, haha. RIDE SUGGESTIONS!

+ Anything in the park. Because they're just that good.

If you are a visitor to Erie, you MUST go on as many rides as you can in Waldameer. Because these are the best old-time rides you'll get for miles around.

I went to Cedar Point once. They had imitations of our rides. They sucked. So if you see anything in the following pictures--that I took that day--at Cedar Point, chances are they are MUCH better here at Waldameer.

Pictures are Copyright myself. So bleh.

Look at all these spiffy pictures!Collapse )

July 12th, 2006

Last night was the kick-off to this year's Eight Great Tuesdays season and it went on through the late evening thunderstorms and wind. The bands sounded great, everyone was happy, lightning struck the lake about five times and my friends got yelled at by police for flinging themselves down the other side of the hill and fighting like idiots.

I was the photographer. I'll let my photos tell some sort of story:

PHOTOSCollapse )

I took plenty more photos than this but I'm only showing the ones that turned out the best. I also dont want to take up all my Photobucket space.

Ha, sorry if it doesn't really look like Eight Great Tuesdays; I was more concerned about what was going on visually, rather than what was going on musically. The bands serve as a sort of background-music for us when we hang out.

Oh and just because--even if no one else cares: WE are the ones who started sitting on the rocks by the water and WE are the ones who started sitting on the other side of the hill. All the other teens who think they're cool by sitting on the back side of the hill, really aren't.

But just so everyone knows: the first time anyone ever sat back there, was maybe four years ago; I was being tossed in the air by my friends on Liza's blanket, I broke a hair clip and we got told that EMTA was there. It was funny.

So that's that. Anyone else want to contribute?

July 8th, 2006

Heritage Days

Waterford Park, downtown Waterford
July 15-17

Join Heritage Days in downtown Waterford to enjoy 100 different crafters, live entertainment, and great food.

Discover Presque Isle
Presque Isle State Park
July 29-31

Discover Presque Isle Days provides family entertainment, activities, and fun for everyone. The weekend includes art, children's games and activities, beach volleyball, a variety of musical entertainment, a bonfire, kayak rides, pancake breakfasts, and more! Contact the Presque Isle Partnership at 838-5138 or visit them online for more information.

Eight Great Tuesdays
Liberty Park/Pepsi Amphitheater on the Bayfront Parkway
Tuesdays evenings in July and August at 6pm

Eight Great Tuesdays provides live music every Tuesday evening. Each week - a new genre and a new artist.

11, The Gem City All Stars
18, Jakes Blues, Blue Fire
25, Yardbirds

1, Key West Express
8, Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane "Galactic Reunion Tour 2006"
15, Dave Stevens Big Band
22, The Fabulous Gunslingers
29, Rick Derringer

Blues and Jazz Festival
The Erie Art Museum's 13th Annual Blues and Jazz Festival is scheduled for August 6-7 at Frontier Park. The festival has become one of the community's best-loved events. This two-day, free event offers a high quality artistic experience to the whole community with a line-up of local, national, and international performers.

CelebrateErie, the region's largest summer events, is scheduled for August 19-21. The three-day extravaganza showcases a broad range of art, music, culture, culinary delights, and children's activities.

Source: yep!enews

July 7th, 2006



My name is Victoria and I'm the moderator for this Community. I'm 18 years old and have lived here all my life. Do I love it? Yes!!

That's not to say, though, that Erie doesn't have it's problems. Often times, I will say negative hurtful things about Erie. I disapprove of the way things are run around here. It hurts to see so much litter and so many run-down neighborhoods.

There are redeeming qualities, yes, but there are equally as degrading aspects, too, as I partially explained above. Mostly, though, Erie is just a small tourist-trap in-the-making, with rich history, good home-town food, interesting places and funny words.

We have museums, theatres, theaters, beaches, festivals, parties, live musical entertainment, Diners, Dinors, beautiful parks, a Zoo and an amusement park--in fact: our amusement park, Waldameer Park and Waterworld, is the 11th oldest amusement park in the U.S.

It's really just a fun place--and a really interesting spot for photographers and artists.

And this is just a little spot to chat about Erie in all it's majesty.

I will be updating periodically with schedules and bits of information that are important to Erie-ites and tourists.

Not that I enjoy tourists. Yech.

Have fun, anyway! Keep Erie Weird!!
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